Our Services


Prepare for an Emergency

The primary service of B6 is to review your current conditions and needs then draft for you a simple, thorough Emergency Preparedness Plan. This plan will address physical safety, operational continuity, and resiliency to assist your business or organization in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a natural or man-made disaster or emergency. If you already have a plan, B6 will review that plan and assist you in updating, as needed,  to match your current operations. Whether new or reviewed, B6 will work in concert with your key personnel, stakeholders, community and customers to be sure you are ready.


Train for an Emergency

Based on your availability and schedule, B6 will review the emergency plan with your key personnel and provide training, exercises and simulations to test your organization’s capabilities, knowledge and ability to respond and recover. Training will be conducted on a schedule that meets your needs and will ensure your organization is ready to tackle these challenges.


Recover from an Emergency

B6 will provide on-call emergency management and consulting services to assist your organization in recovering from any natural or man-made disaster. We guide you through the public assistance processes as determined by local, state or Federal declarations of disaster or emergency.