St. Luke’s is the first organization that B6 Preparedness, LLC has sought to assist as a new Limited Liability Corporation. The LLC Principal, Ben Wham, worked closely with the St. Luke’s Vestry and Congregational members to review the current state of the Church’s preparedness and organizational challenges. Using a “Houses of Worship” Template located on the Georgia Department of Emergency Management website, B6 drafted a Emergency Preparedness Plan that reviewed the current church structure, its physical characteristics, and drafted a series of protocols to respond to natural and mad-made disasters. B6 also prepared a photographic record of all key building and grounds features for the facility. The record documents the appearance, condition and GPS coordinates of each key feature. This documentation is critical in the event St. Luke’s suffers a disaster and is part of a state or federally-declared disaster region. Finally, B6 reviewed all the emergency and security protection features of the church (cameras, security systems, fire extinguishers, locks, etc) and provided a comprehensive summary of maintenance and operations of these systems so there is adequate documentation. The initial draft was transmitted to the Church’s Senior Warden on 19 June 2021. She is currently assembling a Emergency Planning Committee who will review the plan with B6 and move the plan towards finalization.